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Zoom H8 8-input Handy Recorder

Professional musicians, podcasters, journalists, and anyone who need to record high-quality audio in various settings will love Zoom H8.


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The Zoom H8 Handy Recorder is the latest advancement in portable recording technology. The H8 can collect high-quality audio from nearly any source, thanks to four XLR inputs, two XLR/TRS inputs, and ultra-clear microphone preamps. The H8, like its predecessor, has an XY mic module and Zoom’s replaceable capsule system. Using various modules, you may change out microphone arrays and add other inputs. It records up to 12 tracks in crystal clear 24-bit/96kHz audio quality, giving your listeners the impression that they are right there with you. To top it all off, the Zoom H8 12-track Handy Recorder also functions as a USB audio interface for direct recording into a DAW. The Zoom H8 is designed for podcasters, sound designers, and musicians, and it may be the only portable recorder you ever need.


The H8 has an app to fit your needs

The Zoom H8 is built to be the perfect tool for content creators of all kinds. To do that, Zoom loaded the H8 with apps for three major branches of recording they are: the Podcast App, Music App, and Field App. Each app features customized controls and displays to better suit your workflow. From Foley artists to podcasters to musicians, the H8 has an app for it.


The Podcast App

Switch on the Podcast App, and the H8 changes into a mobile podcast production studio. Use the four Sound Pads to trigger your intro music, advertisements, special effects, and any other sound bites your podcast regularly uses. It comes with 13 pre-loaded sounds, but you can load any sound effect you want onto your SD card. The Podcast App accommodates a maximum of four microphones at once and records a separate track for each input.

The Music App

In the Music App, you can record, process, and mix entire songs. The home screen consists of labeled meters and faders for each input. Simply tap a track that you want to adjust, and you’ll be taken to a new screen with a 3-band EQ, a panning knob, and a send level control. Tap on the effects section, and you get access to each patch consisting of 3 adjustable effects. And if that’s not enough tonal versatility, use Zoom’s Guitar Lab software via the USB output to gain access to extra effects.

Zoom H8 Handy Recorder used in music recording



The Field App

For on-location recording and sound design, use the Field App. It has large meters for at-a-glance monitoring of every sound source. It gives you quick access to useful tools like compression, low-cut filters, and adjustable phantom power. Finally, click the General menu to access other recorded projects and saved settings. and if you add the BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter to your H8, you can use the free iOS Control App to monitor your levels and record audio from a distance.

Flexible input configurations

The addition of Zoom’s Capsule System 2.0 makes the H8 Handy recorder stand out from the crowd. First seen on the H5, the Capsule System gives the H8 greater functionality and flexibility. The H8 comes with the XYH-6 mic capsule, which consists of matched unidirectional mics in an XY configuration. However, if you’re looking for more flexibility, Zoom offers other microphone configurations and an expander capsule for purchase. Compatible H8 capsules consist of the XAH-8 XY/AB mic, VRH-8 ambisonic mic, and the EXH-8 expander capsule that adds four extra XLR inputs. And if you have an old Zoom H6 lying around, you don’t have to let its capsules go to waste! The H8 offers complete backward compatibility for every H6 mic capsule, which is a great reason to treat yourself to an upgrade.

Zoom H8 Handy Recorder


Always ready for action

Recording in the field is always unpredictable, which is one of the things that makes it so difficult to get a good take. Luckily, Zoom equipped the H8 Handy Recorder with extra recording modes to alleviate some of the stress; Pre-record, Backup-record, and Auto-record. In Pre-record mode, H8 continuously buffers the last two seconds of audio and includes them with each take. So even if you hit record a fraction of a second too late, there’s a good chance you caught the sound. The Backup-record function records a separate stereo mix at a lower volume level, which gives you a backup copy if an unexpected spike occurs. Finally, Auto-record starts recording when the volume passes a certain threshold.

Zoom H8 Handy Recorder always ready

Use it as a USB interface

The H8 isn’t just a great option for recording, it doubles as a bona fide USB audio interface for conferencing, livestreaming, and old-fashioned recording. For livestreaming and video conferencing,We  recommends you use the Stereo Interface mode. It will sum all the inputs into a stereo signal and send it out to the recipients. If you’re recording your band or live set, Multitrack mode is your best friend. Multitrack mode will send up to 12 channels straight to your DAW for easier editing.

Zoom H8 Handy Recorder Features:

  • All-in-one mobile recording solution with 12 tracks
  • 4 XLR inputs accommodate most microphones
  • 2 XLR/TRS combination inputs allow you to connect line level devices like guitars and basses
  • Microphone preamps and phantom power ((+12/+24/+48V) accommodate most analog connections
  • Capsule System 2.0 modular input connection lets you attach extra onboard mics or additional input jacks
  • Shockmounted XYH-6 XY stereo microphone module included
  • Podcast App puts 4 customizable sound pads at your fingertips
  • Music App gives you control over EQ, compression, effects, and panning
  • Field App provides at-a-glance monitoring an quick access to other controls
  • Backup-record prevents unexpected audio spikes from clipping your inputs and trashing your takes
  • Simultaneously records a second -12dB stereo track to provide a backup in case your original track distorts
  • Auto-record function starts recording as soon as the input crosses a certain volume threshold
  • Built-in effects make your recordings sound impeccable
  • Stereo/Multitrack USB recording modes let you tailor your H8 to your needs
  • Full-color LCD touchscreen makes navigation easy
  • Records on SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards up to 512GB in size
  • Locking connectors prevent unwanted disconnections
  • Records for up to 20 hours with just 4 AA batteries


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