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Buying Audio Interface in Nepal? – Audio Interface buying guide

Audio Interface Nepal

Buying Audio Interface is an investment that can determine the smooth journey towards your audio production.Hence you need to make a wise decision before choosing an audio interface. In this guide we are trying make an understanding of several aspects that you need to consider while buying audio interface in Nepal. Audio Interface is an equipment which is used for inputting audio sources such as microphones and other musical instruments to computer.  Audio interface is also called sound card.

Mostly all the audio interfaces work in similar ways but there are differences between Audio interface for professional recording studio and Home / office recording studio interfaces.

You need to look at below aspects while choosing the right Audio Interface.

Characteristics of Audio Interface

Audio Interface Buying Guide

Microphone Inputs: This is one of the most important factor while choosing the sound card as you need to be sure of the number of microphones that you want to record. Most common audio interfaces that are used for home use have 1 to 2 inputs whereas the professional studios ones have more inputs.

Line Inputs: This input is required if you have any instruments such as guitar or pianos to record. By the way, some audio interfaces like Focusrite 4i4 comes with Midi inputs as well to connect your keyboard or any Midi Device.

Monitor Outputs: Monitor output is required to connect the speakers to monitor audio. Most common interface has 2 monitor outputs (Left & Right).

Headphone Outputs: This is important for listening to your music production or direct monitoring the audio that is going into the computer via your audio interface. Most common audio interface has only one headphone output. If you are need more than 1 headphone outputs, you may consider getting headphone amplifier with multiple outputs.

Phantom Power: Phantom power is one of must have feature for all kind of sound cards because you can’t use the condenser microphone without phantom power.

Microphone preamps: it’s important if your microphone has low signal, microphone preamps that comes built in with audio interface gives the additional boost to your microphones so that you can get much clearer sound.

There are wide range of Audio interface brands available which has from one input to serval inputs. In this guide we are listing below some of the popular audio interface that are used for home / office recording studio.


You dont need to overwhelmed by the information that is provided here if you don’t have any knowledge about the basic requirements and Characteristics of an Audio Interface. The only thing that you should be aware of is the number of inputs required for recording because all the modern audio interfaces has all the features which is required to accomplish what you need to do.

Nevertheless, We at Audio Shop Nepal will be glad to answer any of your question and comment, Please feel free to leave your comment below if you have any questions so that we can provide you the best possible answers. We don’t just sell but help you to provide the right solution as per your requirement. You can connect us via facebook as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audio Interface:

Where can I buy Audio Interface in Nepal?

The right place for buying Audio interface in Nepal is Audio Shop Nepal. You can buy wide range of professional and home studio audio interfaces can be purchased online at

How much does it cost to buy an audio Interface ?

The most basic audio interface that works perfectly are about NPR 10000 and above. The price of audio Interface depends on the quality and features.

Is V8 Sound Card good option to choose?

It totally depends on what you are trying to achieve since V8 Sound Cards are designed for mostly live streaming and it doesn’t have all the features that a professional audio interface has.

Is audio interface a sound card?

Yes, the audio interface is also called Sound Card but Many sound cards only have a consumer-grade stereo line level input, a headphone output, and possibly also a consumer-grade stereo line level output.

What are Audio Interface used for?

Audio interface is used for inputting the sound from a Microphone or any audio source or musical instruments to a computer for recording, Editing and live streaming Etc.

What is the best audio interface for home studio?

We recommend to buy Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 if you need great result and want to have value for your money. If you already own an audio interface and would like to upgrade, the recommended option is Universal Audio Apollo Twin.

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