Headrush Prime Guitar Multi-effect/Amp Modeler/Vocal Processor Unit

The Most Powerful Guitar FX/Amp Modeler/Vocal Processor.


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The Headrush Prime Unit packs your whole setup into one pedal, whether you’re a solo performer or a guitarist/vocalist virtuoso! This guitar multi-effect box/amp modeler/voice processor offers a huge library of guitar effects, amp/cab sims, microphone emulations, vocal effects IRs, and more. The Headrush Prime is a one-pedal solution that replaces most of your stage or studio setup except your 6-string and voice. A cutting-edge amp/pedal/IR cloner can make near-identical digital copies of your gear, and its repertoire may be constantly extended through Wi-Fi to the Headrush Cloud. The Headrush Prime’s extensive feature set doesn’t end there: USB audio interface functionality, Bluetooth connection, a 7-inch touchscreen, 12 adjustable footswitches, an onboard looper, expression pedal, and more make the Headrush Prime a must-have multipurpose floor processor unit for musicians looking to simplify their stage rig into one box!

Guitar effects, vocals processor, and beyond

Right out of the box, the Headrush Prime comes equipped with a studio-grade smattering of guitar amps, cabinets, and effects, all captured with the utmost authenticity and sonic accuracy. It’s an endlessly inspiring assortment of digitally modeled 6-string hardware, but what sets the Headrush Prime apart from the highly competitive multi-effect pack? Easy — it’s not only a guitar processor, but it’s also a top-class vocal processor complete with a comprehensive suite of vocal effects (including Antares Auto-Tune) and microphone emulations to shape your vocal sound.



Cutting-edge amp modeler

The Headrush Prime has so many performance characteristics that its amp and pedal cloning function might be overlooked. Since guitarists find it the most intuitive and accurate amp modeler, this is a huge mistake! Plug in your selected device, follow the screen instructions, and let the Headrush Prime handle the rest. No more. You’ll get startlingly realistic recreations of your favorite classic amplifiers with unique impulse response speaker cabs. Finally, the Headrush Cloud’s infinite library of user-created clones may be downloaded for free through Wi-Fi.



Effortless home recording

The Headrush Prime is a powerful stage tool, but its 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface makes it ideal for home studio recording. The Headrush Prime is also a great re-amping tool since you can transfer straight tracks from your computer to the signal route, then back to your DAW. This strong studio method avoids the need to commit to a guitar tone when recording.



Intuitive 7-inch touchscreen

The 7-inch touchscreen display of the Headrush Prime lets you easily access every option with a swipe, touch, or drag. This touchscreen lets you rapidly and easily explore Prime’s capabilities without a steep learning curve. The Headrush Prime’s five modes—Stomp, Rig, Hybrid, Setlist, Song—customize the pedal’s workflow to your demands. Need hands-free control? Adjust your favourite parameter using the onboard expression, or check the OLED scribbling strip to see the state of all 12 footswitches.



Optimize your practice sessions

After the performance, practice for the next one. Luckily, the Headrush Prime has a looper and practice tools to perfect any song in the music studio as well as on stage! To optimize woodshedding efficiency, the Prime can load songs through Wi-Fi and slow, repeat, or tune them. With 20 minutes of layered music and 5 minutes of loop time, the integrated looper is great for jamming. Finally, you may import custom.WAV files or store and export atmospheric loops to use in live performances or studio recordings.




Extensive I/O capabilities

The Headrush Prime has numerous I/O possibilities for any setup since it can replace almost everything in your rig except your instrument and you. Guitar multi-effect unit staples are on the Prime’s back panel. The combination jack XLR jack with 48V phantom power for condenser microphones complements the regular 1/4-inch input. Next, two XLR outputs (with a switchable ground lift) and a 1/4-inch TRS output with a switchable amp/line-level enable you to plug directly into the PA or use the Headrush with a typical amplifier. The Headrush Prime can handle any setup with its headphone output, 5-pin MIDI I/O, and stereo FX loop.

Headrush Prime Unit


Headrush Prime Unit Features:

  • 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen with intuitive interface
  • Realistic and responsive amp, cabinet, and microphone modeling including all new models by Revalver, the recognized innovator of software guitar amp modeling
  • Guitar and Bass presets by ChopTones
  • Expansive library of guitar and vocal FX, including Antares Auto-Tune®
  • Amp Cloner captures the sound of your favorite amp, preamp, distortion pedal, overdrive pedal, or fuzz pedal
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection to the HeadRush Cloud for clone sharing, preset sharing, and firmware updates
  • Wi-Fi streaming music practice tool makes learning songs easier than ever before
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity for playing along with mobile devices
  • Powerful custom-designed multicore DSP system with gapless preset switching
  • Road-ready steel chassis with durable built-in expression pedal and universal power supply
  • 12 footswitches with customizable color LEDs and OLED scribble strip display screens
  • Import virtually unlimited guitar and bass cabinet IR files
  • Stereo FX loop for integrating external FX pedals and 4 cable method connectivity
  • Best-in-class looper with save/load functionality and MIDI Sync
  • Record and re-amp via the built-in USB Audio interface (up to 24-bit/96KHz)







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